Through her study of music therapy and saxophone study jazz/pop Inga experienced which power music can have and how much fun, love and healing it can bring. Her strength is to address each person and each child differently and to motivate the student with her enthusiastic and empathic way of teaching. There are different styles and approaches for playing the saxophone. Inga can teach you the basics and has experience with different musical styles, like jazz, pop, funk, classic and improvised music. 

Individual Lessons:

Individual lesson 30 min:  20,00€
Individual lesson 45 min: 30,00€
Individual lesson 60 min: 40,00€

The trial lesson is for free. The lessons take place in my rehearsal room at Maarweg 233 in Cologne.

The lesson must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise the full price will be charged. No matter how old or young you are, you are very welcome!

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Individual Offers

  • Music therapeutic work
Children, adolescents and adults who, due to a developmental delay or disability, require special and individual support in the areas of language, expression and communication

30 min:  20,00€
45 min: 30,00€
60 min: 40,00€

  • Deeper listening 

Different instruments are played and recorded sounds are played while the participant can simply listen. Goal: Relaxation, intense listening, being more in the here and now. Everyone is welcome!

45 min:  40,00€
60 min: 50,00€


Soundmeditation – Conscious Listening

When are we really listening, to our body, breath, our surroundings? Are we always outside of ourselves, sometimes looking in?
Imagine coming home to yourself, and really landing in your body, through focus on sound.
Relax into your being and hear what is there to hear. Open your senses and feel, hear, see with closed eyes the minds images that arise through sound.

Price: 30,00€

Starts with a minimum of 3 participants

Length: 2 hours