“To me, music offers a space where I can express many different emotions, thoughts and facets of myself. Anything goes, and I can let it flow out into the world. Music lets me dive into the deepest depths, ascend to the greatest heights, and show all sides of myself: hesitant, amorous, sad, furious, energetic and vulnerable. When I play music, my heart dances, and I feel light and liberated.”


Ingen Navn Trio Debutalbum “Elewha” (Berthold Records) out now!

The “Elewha” album explores the theme of water and the underwater world, taking listeners on a journey from the surface to the depths of the sea. Each song immerses the listener within the mysterious and undiscovered creatures of the ocean floor and the colorful and mesmerizing aquatic plants. The music is a blend of atmospheric soundscapes, ethereal melodies and energetic rhythms, creating a captivating and immersive listening experience.

If you want to order the CD, write to me!

Single and video „Ormsch“ (Berthold Records) out now!!

Captured magical moments that let us glimpse the existence of a hidden mysterious world where wondrous beings dance together in the depths of the sea.

We found this portal to this world for a brief moment


Ingen Navn Trio is one of the winnerbands bands of this year’s jazz competition of the Werner Richard – Dr. Carl Dörken Foundation!!!DSC_5274