“To me, music offers a space where I can express many different emotions, thoughts and facets of myself. Anything goes, and I can let it flow out into the world. Music lets me dive into the deepest depths, ascend to the greatest heights, and show all sides of myself: hesitant, amorous, sad, furious, energetic and vulnerable. When I play music, my heart dances, and I feel light and liberated.”


“Entrepreneur of the month” – Inga Rothammel

Every month, the ArtEZ Business Centre and the courses together select a student or alumnus as Entrepreneur of the Month. Their stories give you an idea of what to expect, based on current topics from the professional field.

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Ingen Navn Trio
Different Worlds – EP

“Every moment hides different sounds. Secrets that want to be played. Secrets that want to be expressed. Filtering out what is already there. Make the intangible, tangible”