Photo by Chantal Bekker

After Inga graduated high school, she studied Music Therapy in Nijmegen at the HAN. There, she learned what the significance and power of music can be.

Inga wanted to deepen her relationship to music and went on to study Jazz/Pop Saxophone at the ArtEZ Conservatory. She had lessons by Frans Vermeerssen, Miguel Boelens en Frank Gratkowski. During her study she got the possibility to get workshops from Chris Cheek, Banda Magda, Thorsten Skringer, Benjamin Herman, Omer Klein Trio, LOHAI and Bill Laurence.

Her sound and her own powerful way of playing the saxophone touches the audience and
makes it special to listen to her. She plays with full energy, expressively and experiments with
her saxophone, nature sounds and electronic effects.
She plays Soprano-, Alto- and Baritone saxophone.

She has performed at several music festivals like North Sea Jazz festival, MusicMeeting, Make it Jazz, Take note! Festival, Manana Manana and Madnesfestival. 

“To me, music offers a space where I can express many different emotions, thoughts and facets of myself. Anything goes, and I can let it flow out into the world. Music lets me dive into the deepest depths, ascend to the greatest heights, and show all sides of myself: hesitant, amorous, sad, furious, energetic and vulnerable. When I play music, my heart dances, and I feel light and liberated.”

Moreover she likes to work interdisciplinary. 2019 she worked together at the World Street Painting Festival with the 3D painter Jean-Marc Navello.