Ingen Navn Trio

An intense live musical experience with powerful music and energetic musicians

The trio plays experimental jazz music that also integrates colours of different genres. The songs, written by saxophonist Inga Rothammel, provide a lot of space for improvisation and communication. The music is rich in contrast and wanders from beautiful dreamy melodies to wild energetic parts. One moment, the saxophone almost reminds you of the sound of Paul Desmond or a Scandinavian landscape, but the next it can sound like a broken exhausted pipe. They integrate nature sounds, like birds and flowing water into their music and experiment with electronic effects and the way they play their instruments which makes the music diverse, fresh and unexpected.  

Saxophone: Inga Rothammel 

Guitar: Rocco Romano 

Drums: Hendrik Eichler 

TakeNote! festival @Podium JIN / Brebl Nijmegen, October 2019 Emil Roes
In the Ingen Navn Trio, the idiosyncratic sax work on soprano and alto by Inga Rothammel stands out. The original compositions of Rothammel (ArtEZ Big Collective, Central Heat BigBand) are energetic and dynamic, bouncing with playful ease through styles, from dreamy and minimalist to free and wild, and back. With a tone that can sound both Scandinavian and Indian, mesmerizing Eastern rhythms are combined with playful ease with minimalist improvisations, and both disrupted and held together by rough guitar work of the versatile Romano where necessary. The communication between the players provides personal input, contrasts and fresh energy.

PLaying in Unusual places

Once a while I will upload a video where I improvise in places that I find interesting and inspiring. I try to catch the atmosphere and play what comes up in me in that moment.

Reaction of water to music

A petri dish filled with water is set in motion by a small loudspeaker. The movement of the water is made visible by special light and recorded with the camera. And either brought directly into the stream in a live stream or projected onto a screen with a beamer at a concert with an audience. It is not the music itself that becomes visible, but the response of the water to the sound vibrations in the form of surface waves.

Esther Aleida Trio

‘’A combination of sixties, jazz and a lot of improvisation’’

By means of diversity in patterns, rhythms and the usage of multi instrumentality this jazz folk trio from Arnhem leads you through different worlds filled with mystic stories, surprising turns, and modern fairytales.
Singer Esther plays her pieces with a lot of joy and expression.

Thanks to improvisation her pieces sounds a tiny bit different every time they play it. Because of this no concert of this trio is the same.
Guitar player Rocco Romano and saxophone player inga Rothammel let this trio sound like a warm sonorous whole. With their edgy but fitting improvisations they add new pages to the story.

Esther van Maanen – Vocals
Rocco Romano – Guitar
Inga Rothammel – Saxophone

New Album Napokania:

Sound Shape Collective

The Sound Shape Collective is a pool of improvisers based in Cologne (DE) and Arnhem (NL). Eight individual musicians share a mutual platform on which improvisation allows them to explore the concept of art and vex the rims of musicality. The Collective believes in research and experimentation as the main part of the process of making music.

Esther van Maanen – Vocals
Susanne Hirschmann – Vocals
Inga Rothammel – Saxophone
Max Kelm – Piano
Christian Pensel – Cello, Flute and more
Kim-Kamilla Jäger – Cello
Rocco Romano – Guitar
Hendrik Eichler – Drums